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healthy and chunky muth.

healthy and chunky muth.

Muth  or  Turkish beans .

I love sprouts. Sprouted seeds, grains, beans and lentils have fantastic health benefits and helps add live food to our diet. Sprouts are rich with vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes.  Making sprouts and storing them is very easy addition to this its hundred percent organic , no pesticides no chemicals in short very healthy for every one .  In India you can get fresh sprouts very easily, after coming to USA i never saw sprouts in Indian grocery stores,  one day I told tai ( my elder sis) that I am missing  mom made food and specially sprout usal(curry)  in fact I don’t get to eat sprouts any more , then she told me how easy it is to make it. In three steps she explained me how to make it.And here it is …

1 Take one cup whole mung or muth or red chori etc.

2 Soak it for overnight ( 8 -10 hrs) in flat bottomed cookware with warm water.

3 Drain the water, tie soaked beans in cloth or in paper towel and keep it in warm place( oven ) for another 12- 18 hours.

Chunky sprouts are ready to eat.Use it for salad , usal ( curries ) ,soups  etc.

* If you want longer sprouts , just wash them again and keep aside for another 10- 12 hours .

VAAT choose aduki or mung beans, black lentils, and any nuts and seeds; consume with digestive spices like ginger, black pepper, cumin ~NOTE: Vaat benefit most from homogenously prepared foods, as in one-bowl soups or stews or salad meals with plenty of healthy oils, where ingredients are all raw or, better still, all cooked together
PITTA choose any legumes except black lentils; sprout any raw nuts/seeds except almonds, pumpkin and sunflowers
KAPHA sprouting is particularly beneficial for Kapha; choose any legumes except mung beans, lentils, soybeans and kidney beans (ie. choose almonds, chickpeas, beans like aduki, black, white, navy, pinto, etc); consume with digestive spices like ginger, black pepper, cumin.


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